Who is Donatello

He is wearing purple and is always coming up with the right answer, when you are thinking the teenage mutant ninja turtles you know you are talking about Donatello. He is one of the four teenage mutant ninja turtles and the smartest out of all of them. Donatello is named after Donatello di Niccolo di Betto Bardi meaning given by god. He is known to be an intelligent, soft-spoken genius who can create weapons, vehicles and gadgets that engineers of the human race had yet to believe was possible. Much like the real Donatello he is vastly misunderstood by his peers and brother and essentially has to be able to entertain and challenge himself as no one can come close to his IQ. In this article you are going to learn about what weapons and martial arts that Donatello is an expert in, how Donatello used his amazing mind to help the turtles out, and what Donatello’s personality brings to the table for the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Without Donatello it has been said the other members of the gang would not be able to function, let’s see if this is true.

Donatello is most revered when he is utilizing his amazing skills with the Bo staff, whether it be knocking enemies off their feet, or smashing heads he is an absolute expert in his craft. A Bo staff is made of a hard wood, usually red or white oak although some have been seen made of bamboo or pine wood. It is always used with two hands due to its length which is standardized at 5.9 feet long. The Bo staff is utilized in a number of Asian based martial arts but no more than bojutsu. Donatello is a master in both bojusu and naginatajutsu which are both disciplines of ninjustsu which focus on stick, staff and spear techniques. Thus, Donatello is such an expert with his Bo staff which later on doubles as a naginata. The naginata is a long curved blade that has been a weapon in ancient Japan for centuries. Donatello’s expertise in the many ninjutsu disciplines makes him the best candidate out of all the brothers to be a true ninja master.

From an early age Donatello separated himself from his brothers with his love of engineering toys and devices.  He built devices and toys for his brothers, as well as early weapons for training. While his brothers were constantly fighting and being typical little rascals, Donatello would rather read up on a multitude of topics and disciplines. As the boys matured as did Donatello’s skills as a thinker. He created what was not thought to be possible whether it be weapons, devices or vehicles to give the turtles an advantage. Donatello throughout his early life was focused on science and the inner workings of mechanisms and because of this bright mind he was always able to get out of issues. Many of his brothers teased him immensely due to his focus on science rather than violence, but Donatello was always there to get them out of messy situations with an ingenious usage of the available materials. He is smart, an expert in the art of ninjustsu and would rather talk a problem out than solve it with violence; in essence he is the most well rounded turtle of the group.

A main feature of the teenage mutant ninja turtles is their personalities, they are so different and diverse which is a rarity in the typical animated show. Donatello is the typical brainiac in his personality, extremely studious and soft spoken. He states a multitude amount of times that he would rather study than take part in ninja training. As a teenager, Donatello shows the typical teenage angst, but with a bit of a flair. Due to his IQ of over 600 his adolescent personality is extremely unique. He then learns of women, this is a huge character shift in Donatello and finds him often competing with his brothers. His eyes lay upon April, and he can’t take them off. If you were to guess which one of the brothers was going to be in a love struck daze over a girl, I feel no one would have chosen Donatello. Issues arise with his love of April; April has other suitors including Casey Jones. Casey Jones and Donatello had never met before, but now through this girl they have become bitter rivals. How this relationship will blossom and how it will affect the turtles are still unknown and is still developing, but the love triangle is a significant plot twist in Donatello’s life that no one saw coming. He also shows his softer side when dealing with his brothers. He has always had a soft spot for Michelangelo and this relationship would allow Donatello to protect his brother from the aggressive Raphael on a number of occasions.

In conclusion, Donatello is the most well rounded brother of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This short biography has shown his expertise with the Bo staff, naginata as well as multiple disciplines of ninjutsu. His way of using his intelligence to get the turtles out of sticky situations, and lastly his personality and the surprise romance of April and his new nemesis Casey Jones. Donatello is one of the most misunderstood teenage mutant ninja turtles, his high IQ and high brow humor has him as an outsider with his brothers. But, like his namesake Donatello finds a way to help the people that he loves no matter the circumstance. His expertise with engineering and mechanics is second to none, and many human engineers envy his mechanical prowess in which he creates the type of vehicles and gadgets they can only dream of producing. This turtle may wear purple and prefer to use his mind rather than his skills, but do not let that fool you. Donatello is the well rounded turtle in the group and can not only beat you in chess but beat you with his Bo staff as well.